Colour Mixes

Colour Mixes

For those who want to try out different Dutch Passion Cannabis Varieties at once, Dutch Passion have put together seven different Colour Mixes. All Mixes contain six cannabis seeds, two seeds of three different cannabis varieties. The varieties in the bag can be distinguished by the fact that they gave the varieties different colors. The fifteen varieties selected for the five mixes are our top 15 bestsellers. We composed two Outdoor Colour Mixes and three Indoor Colour Mixes:
The two Outdoor Colour Mixes are adapted to outdoor circumstances at northern and southern latitudes.
The three Indoor Colour Mixes are suited for growing indoor and for growing outdoor at southern latitudes.

In indoor circumstances different seed varieties may need different treatment. Dutch Passion have chosen variety combinations per Indoor Mix according to their ability to grow together in the same grow room (grow conditions) and at the same time assure diversity in the Indoor Colour Mixes.

The pigments used to colour the seeds have been tested for many years. No side effects on germination or plant growth have been found. Added to the pigments is a fungicide that prevents stem rot of the seedlings.

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