DinaFem Quick Critical +

DinaFem Quick Critical +


TIME: 7-8 weeks
THC: 16 – 20 %
CBD:  Low
TYPE: Indica 75% | Sativa 25%
GENETICS: Critical + | Critical + 2.0 Auto |
YIELD: Very High

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Quick Critical + is the quickest feminised strain of Dinafem’s catalogue. In less than 50 days, namely in some 42-49 days, the amazing nuggets of this Indica-dominant hybrid will be ready for harvest. But, besides fast, her yield and quality are well worthy of her mother: Critical +. Same scent, same resistance, same aroma and same effect; but at least a week quicker. That’s where the main advantage of this new strain lies. At such speed, the yield is further exploited and everything is more likely to come out well. When growing outdoors, you’ll save yourself a whole week of suffering thinking about the possibility of having your crop ruined by bad weather conditions or even stolen or seized. If growing indoors is your thing, you’ll have time to do so more often than with her feminised version.


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