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Wedding Cake is a true reflection of an Indica-dominant plant that grows like a Sativa. During vegging, she produces multiple sets of side branches that endow her with a strong and airy structure with ample internode spacing. However, it’s during the flowering stage that the plant becomes remarkably bushy, with lots of nuggets filling her until-then-naked stems.

Her buds aren’t 100% Indica, though. Instead, they’re kind of spiky yet unbeatably dense. Thick and bulky perfectly beautiful buds: compact and elongated balls illuminated by a shining white coat of crystal resin that contrasts sharply with the purplish, almost black, colouring of her leaves. Simply put, a wonderful spectacle to behold.


With Wedding Cake, heavy yields can be achieved. Getting over 400 g both per plant and per square meter indoors is within everyone’s reach. What makes her crop so special, though, is the density of her buds: they could seem weightless at first, but they’re actually super heavy. Some even describe them as “heavy cotton balls” for that very reason: they seem lighter than air but are indeed as hard as rocks.

Leaving the density aside, this strain’s resin production is simply outstanding, so much so that, in the last weeks of flowering, buds are more white than green.

Aromas and flavours

This strain is deliciously fruity. Despite her bitter overnotes resulting from her high levels of myrcene terpenes, famous for their hop aroma, she boasts an amazing organoleptic complexity. The limonene brings in very special nuances of citrus that add to the delicious earthy and pungent hints of the other terpenes. With this strain, you can’t go wrong: get ready for a long-distance journey of aromas with plenty of surprises.


Don’t be fooled by her name for she’s got little to do with a wedding cake. Rather than sweet and nice, her effect is hard-hitting, like a hard blow right to your head. Her THC levels are around 22%, her CBD content is almost non-existent, and her being rich in myrcene means that she delivers the relaxing and almost narcotic high some strains are famous for. In other words: she’s as relaxing as she’s powerful and long-lasting.


One great advantage of Wedding Cake is her high resilience to plagues. She’s strong and can handle stress far better than many other strains. Besides, she’s neither picky nor finicky, although it’s essential to keep temperature and humidity levels under control and to carry out some pruning indoors for increased aeration. Nothing unusual.

Just a heads-up: given the significance of her side branches, extending the vegetative phase is recommended for them to thrive and produce thick flowers.

Data sheet

THC Very High (20% or +)
% THC 22%
CBD Low (0 – 1%)
% CBD 1%
Lineage Wedding Cake x OG Kush
Variety Mostly Indica
Gender Feminized
Photoperiod Normal
Flowering Time (days) 65-70
Outdoor Harvest Mid October
Yield Indoor (g/m2) 400-500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 400-800 g/plant


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