Fast Buds AUTO Cream Cookies


TIME: 9 weeks
THC: Very High
CBD:  Low
TYPE: Mostly Indica
GENETICS: Girl Scout Cookies
YIELD: Very High

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In stock


In stock


Some things just go together. Think cheese and wine or pizza and beer, and, of course, cookies and cream, the namesake for this richly flavored strain for sale from Fast Buds at an amazing price.

Our Cream Cookies strain combines the mellow uplift and genetics of our mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower with a smooth and creamy sativa uplift. It’s a unique indica dominant hybrid with enough pep to smoke any time of the day. The plant itself is just as versatile. We’ve seen massive harvests from Cream Cookies seeds with all kinds of growing mediums and light setups. A little bit of attention, good nutes, and light is all it takes to reap the rewards of this one of a kind cannabis strain.


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