Fast Buds AUTO Rhino Rider


TIME: 9 weeks
THC: Very High
CBD:  Low
TYPE: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
GENETICS:Rhino Ryder autoflowering

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In stock


In stock


A modern genetic wonder. Fast buds Rhino Ryder strain is their autoflowering take on Medicine Man, sometimes called White Rhino. This high-THC variety initially gained popularity for its potency and powerful effects, but quickly gained fame as the strain of choice for medical marijuana patients in California. It was one of the most potent strains in its time and still packs a punch today.

It took lots of work, but our crack team of breeders eventually succeeded in making an autoflower Rhino Ryder seeds. They even managed to improve on the original. These Rhino Ryder seeds are easy to grow, requiring none of the expertise that the original demanded. It matures rapidly and still packs the same punch that made it a hit with medical smokers in the past. It’s a hybrid with almost identical portions of Indica and Sativa, and its diverse Indica-landrace genetic background gives it strength.

Taste & Aroma

Fast Buds’ Rhino Ryder strain tastes of fresh cinnamon with a pear aftertaste.


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